A dream of Japanese tastes that turned into reality. Our philosophy is pretty simple: To introduce you to a more authentic and tasteful sushi experience.

Our focus and respect for every raw ingredient, our hospitality, our original tastes and our constant quest for fresh ideas are the main things that remind us why we started.

Every dish is part of this vision. Each dish and each taste symbolizes not only the traditional Japanese cuisine, but also our love for creativity. While using fish like medium-fatty tuna and the rarer black cod or king crab, Sushija also includes hors d’oeuvres like the shiitake mushroom and the quail egg. Different textures, ingredients and tastes compose the perfect harmony.

Our guests are able to watch the sushi masters while they prepare their meal, from the most traditional dish to the most unique and trademark dishes of our menu. Even taste combinations that you can think on the spot. And if that is not enough, our wide variety of drinks, alcoholic or not, complement the authentic sushi experience in the best way: with a familiar aftertaste that you have never tasted before.

Sushija is a contemporary, refined and creative tasting experience, designed to gratify not only those who are more than familiar with the Japanese cuisine, but also those who are about to dive in this unique culture.


The Japanese culture located at the center of Thessaloniki

In one of the most busy and central streets in Thessaloniki, we created a window to the world we love to travel the most.
With passion, love for good food and respect to the values of Japanese cuisine, we bring you close to colors, flavors and techniques that we love to discover for years.